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List of Kosher products

List of Kosher products




If you have any questions and comments, or if you find any Kosher product not mentioned in the list, please let us know so we can update the list.

In Athens, a KOSHER GROCERY SHOP was opened, that carries many kosher products, and can deliver anywhere in Greece. The address is 10 Aisopou St. in Psiri, right next to the new KOSHER RESTAURANT.

Important remarks before consulting the list

1)      Every product bearing a Kosher symbol (such as OU, OK, KF, KLBD etc...)  or under a specific rabbinical supervision is under their responsibility. Local products were checked by the local Rabbis. Imported products from France are approved by the Beth-Din of Paris, and imported products from England by the Beth-Din of London.

2)      Products preceded by (D) contain milk. It is not Chalav Israel.

3)      The name of the product is written in bold, the name of the brand in capital letters, and the specific name of the product in small letters. In the brackets, you will find the rabbinical supervision, Kosher symbol or, for some imported products from France, the EMB number that must appear on the package.

4)      If a certain product is Kosher, it does not mean that other products of the same company are Kosher.

5)      If a certain product has a Kosher symbol or rabbinical supervision , it does not mean that the same product without the symbol or supervision is Kosher. Some ingredients may vary.

6)      If a product is Kosher, it does not mean that the same product made elsewhere is Kosher. Some ingredients may vary.

7)      All these products are Kosher for the whole year but notfor Pesach, unless otherwise mentioned.

8)     Some of the products can be found almost everywhere. Others can be found essentially  in Carrefour supermarkets (marked by *) , Vassilopulos (AB) (marked by (♦), or Marinopulos (marked by ►).


Baking powder: all

Baking soda: all 

Bread: all breads made only with flour, water - like CHORIATIKO, VASSILIKO, FRENCH BAGUETTE (make sure they use ZANAE yeast, dont put any fats on the pans, and dont bake cakes, pies etc. on the same pans).

Note: It is not Pat Israel.


Cake mixes: (D) BETTY CROCKER (♦, ►) supermoist cake mix white, german chocolate, brownie mix walnut (all with OUD)

Cakes: (♦) OSEM orange flavor, marble flavor, chocolate (with Badats Eda Charedit).

Candies: (D) WERTHERS original (butter candies) (Chief rabbinate of Israel)

Cereals: ALPEN: (D) Original, (D) No added sugar, (D) Nutty crunch.

CARREFOUR (*): Corn flakes, Goldible, Petales chocolat, (EMB # 80302A)

KELLOGS: Chocos, Corn pops, Crunchy nut, Smacks,

All bran, All bran plus, Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Frosties, (D) Choco Corn flakes, (D) special K.

NESTLE: Cheerios, Chocapic, Crunch, Fitness (nature only), Nesquick, (D) Golden Grahams.

QUAKER: Harvest crunch real red berries, Oatso simple berry burst, (D) Oatso simple baked apple flavor.

WEETABIX: Whole wheat breakfast cereal, Minibix with fruits, (D) Minibix with chocolate (from England)

(D) Cheese: TYRAS-OLYMPUS all cheeses (♦) TERRA AEOLICA (ΑΙΟΛΙΚΗ ΓΗ) (Lesvos) feta cheeses. (♦) (Supervised by Rabbi Silver - Kosher Technical Konsultants)  Note: It is not Chalav Israel.

Chips: KETTLE - sea salt, sea salt and pepper (London beth Din)  (*, ♦, ►) 

Chocolate:  CADBURRYS: (D) Dairy milk, (D) Roast almond (supervision of Beth din of London).

Chocolate bars: (D) BOUNTY, (D) TWIX (all with KLBD). 

Cocoa:  NESQUICK by Nestle (from France)

Coffee:  all 100% pure, like NESCAFE, MAXWELL. 


Cookies: (D) WALKERS pure butter shortbread (with OUD) (from Scotland)


·        Beer: natural without flavoring like: AMSTEL, HEINEKEN.

·        Mineral waters

·        Coca cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Fanta etc.

·        Hot drinks: CADBURRY original drinking chocolate, (♦) (D) High lights hot instant chocolate.

·        Juices: AMITA: 100% natural orange juice.     OLYMPUS: 100% natural orange juice, peach juice.

     CARREFOUR (*): jus de pamplemousse, pomme, orange.

nectar orange- banane. (not containing grapes)  .

·        Syrups: CARREFOUR: cassis, citron, fruits exotiques, menthe, orange.

Eggs: preferably white eggs, because they usually dont have blood spots.

             Note: They have to be checked for blood spots.


·        Fresh: only with fins and scales (see list at the end)

·        Cans: (♦) JOHN WEST pink salmon, tuna in spring water, tuna steaks in sunflower oil (from England).

·        Smoked salmon: (♦) KENMARE with KBD

Flour: all. Note: it has to be sifted


·        Fresh or dry (natural only i.e not toasted, not spread with oil)

·        Frozen: PELLAFROZ all.

·        Raisins: PARTHENON

·        Cans: DEL MONTE sliced pineapple, half apricots (all with  OU ) PROODOS all, KONVERI all.

·        PLANTERS (*,♦,►): mixed nuts, peanuts, cashews. (all with OU )   

Honey: all

(D) Ice cream: BEN & JERRY'S (with KAF K), HAAGEN DAAZS (with OUD), MARS, SNICKERS, BOUNTY (all with KAF K)

Ketchup: HEINZ ketchup (only from Holland).

Marmalade: BONNE MAMAN, CARREFOUR (*) (all without grapes)

Matzot: from From the Gostijo mini market - 10 Aisopou St, Spiri Athens, 210 32 33 825 .

Meat: From the Gostijo mini market - 10 Aisopou St, Spiri Athens, 210 32 33 825 - From the Hamboughia butcher shop in Saloniki: Nea agora 71-81 (Agora Modiano) tel: 2310 222 171.

Meat products: HOD LAVAN (♦) smoked turkey (from Israel).

Note: bring your own knife or make sure the knife used to cut the meat is clean.

(D) Milk: all pure milk (no additions)

Note: milk enriched with proteins is not Kosher.

Mustard: FRENCHS all products with OU, COLMANS double superfine mustard, English mustard

Olive oil: extra virgin, cold press - KORINTHIA LAND (OU), LAIS (OU)

Ouzo: OUZO 12. EPOM mini.

Pancake mix: (D) AUNT JEMINA (*,♦) original, buttermilk (with OUD)

Pasta: BARILLA, MISKO, HELIOS, KORONA (all without eggs or additions)

Peanut butter: SKIPPY, CLASSIC FOOD (*) (only with OU )                                            

Pop corn: (for microwave) (D) JOLLY TIME (*, ♦,►) , (D) NEWMANS OWN (*) (all with OUD), (D) HOTPOP (♦) (with OKD)

Rice: with no additions (meat, vegetables, flavorings etc...).

  Note: it has to be checked for bugs.

Salt: all

Sauces: CLASSIC FOOD (*) barbecue sauce - original or hickory, thousand island sauce (all with OU)

COLMANS (*,♦) horseradish sauce, tartare sauce

LEA & PERRINS (*,♦) Worcestershire sauce (contains fish) (with Klbd)

LOUISIANA (*) hot sauce (with STAR K)

LA CHOY soy sauce (only with OK)

Soya products: ALPRO Soya milk and deserts (all flavors) (*)

Sugar: all white and vanilla sugar.

Syrups: CLASSIC FOOD (*) pancake syrup , GOLDEN GRIDDLE (*) syrup, KARO (*) pancake syrup, (all with OU), (D) HERSHEYS (♦) strawberry syrup (with OUD) .


Tomato products: PUMMARO Tins ½ KG plain diced tomatoes.

The code should include the letters NDP or NAP or ND or NA. For example L123456NDP7890 or L123456NAP7890 or  LND1234 or LNA1234


  • Fresh
  • Frozen: (natural with no additions, not precooked) BARBA STATHIS (ΜΠΑΡΜΠΑ-ΣΤΑΘΗΣ), Bonduelle (*) mixed vegetables with plant number 106Sg or 57Sg without additions, spices etc.
  • Cans: A. LEGAL (*) petits pois (with letter N,M,T,P ... on the bottom of the can followed by production number 2B, 2C,2D, 2E, 2P...), haricots verts (same restrictions) 
    CARREFOUR (*corn  (same restrictions)   
    GREEN GIANT (*) corn, sweet peas (with OU)

Wine: Kosher wine can be bought from the Gostijo mini market - 10 Aisopou St, Psiri Athens, 210 32 33 825 

Yeast: MAIA ZANAE (in bakeries), KERDIN

(D) Yoghourt:  DANONE bio danone, danone natural (all without grapes) (from France)

OLYMPUS all yogurts (♦) (Supervised by Rabbi Silver - Kosher Technical Konsultants)  Note: It is not Chalav Israel.

  List of Kosher fish (in Greek)

 ·        Andjuia (Anchovy)            

·        Bakalyaros (Cod)

·        Barbunya (Red mullet)

·        Gavros

·        Glossa (Sole)

·        Gopa

·        Kefalis

·        Kiprinos (Carp)                 

·        Kokovios (Gudjeon)

·        Lavrakia (Sea bass)

·        Lithrinyia

·        Lithrini

·        Marida

·        Moruna (Cod)

·        Perka (Perch)

·        Pestrofa (Trout)

·        Potamopsaro

·        Renga (Herring)

·        Scoumbri (Pike)

·        Sfirida

·        Sinagrida

·        Solomos (Salmon)

·        Tonos (Tuna)

·        Tsipoura (Sea Bream)