imagesCAIIJ70K.jpgFish Spa:

A totally unusual way to get a pedicure. For 30 minutes, Garra Rufa fish will clean and pamper your feet or hands and you can finish off with a reflexology massage, or nail paint or another cosmetic treatment. People are surprised at first by the feeling of the fish and then get used to it and enjoy it. Children are welcome and actually love to interact with the fish.


Fish Spa:
Address: inside the Athens City center Aiolou 45, 1st floor
Phone: (+30) 211 8003700
Price: 18 euros for 30 minutes treatment.

Doctor Fish:
Address: Adrianou st. 59, Plaka
Phone: (+30) 210 3252525
Price: 20 euros for 30 minutes treatment. 10 euros for a 10 minutes trial.  

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