imagesCA7UAPIV.jpgKoutouki caves:

The less known Koutouki caves are located in a northern suburb of Athens. It was discovered by accident some years ago when a goat fell into the cave through a hole in its roof. A shepherd climbed in to rescue the animal and discovered a beautiful cave, with remarkable stalagmites and stalactites (pictures here). There is a guided tour every ½ hour to visit the cave, which is sure to delight young and old. The caves are a good idea to escape the summer heat, as temperature inside is a constant 17 degrees C. You can combine this trip with the nearby wonderful Vorres Museum.



Address: Koutouki caves, Mount Imittos near Peania 190 02
Tel: +30 210 664 2108 / +30 210664 2910 .
Opening hours: Open daily 09:00-16:30.

How to get there?

The best is to go there by car or taxi. Coordinates for GPS: 37°56'49"N 23°49'41"E

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