This is a very lively and sometimes chaotic area, with many shops and eateries, many of them catering to tourists with souvenirs, t-shirts and sandals, but also lots of urban wear. The main shopping streets are Ermou, Pandrossou (check out the Center of Hellenic Tradition) and Ifaistou. An interesting shop to visit is the poet-sandalmaker. One street (Adrianou, along the train racks) is lined with coffee shops with a great view of the Ancient Agora and the Acropolis. Its beating heart is Monastiraki Square, with its old Mosque Tsistarakis now hosting a ceramic Museum, and the metro with its archeological findings discovered during the exavations. Right off the square, you have the Hadrian's Library and its Corinthian columns and a little further the Roman Agora, while off Adrianou St, you have the Ancient Agora. But Monastiraki offers more than that: it is home of the flea market of Athens, so you can find little shops selling all kinds of items, from old books and discs to antic furniture, paintings etc. Check out Avyssinias Square, between Ifastou and Ermou St. but also nearby streets. Especially on Sunday morning, all streets are taken over by vendors showing their collection of bric a brac, where you may find a treasure (or not). So stroll around, explore, and enjoy. (It is also not far from the central market of Athens on Athinas St. with plenty of fruits, vegetables, fish, spices if you enjoy this kind of things.)

How to get there?

The metro stops at Monastiraki square, but you can walk there from Plaka (going down Adrianou St.) or Syntagma going down Ermou St.) easily, not more than 20 minutes.

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