General introduction

You can find everything in Athens from kitsch souvenirs to jewelry, from cool t-shirts to designer clothes, from food specialties to antiques and everything in between.  Most shops (except in malls and department shops) close in the afternoon after 15:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and open again from 17:00 to 20:30 (or 21:00 in the summer) on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. All shops (besides pastry shops, wine and spirits, flower shops and emergency pharmacies) are closed on Sundays. Shops in touristy areas such as Plaka and Monastiraki tend to be open all days of the week and without interruption until late.  

Sales: Winter sales run during the period from middle to end- January up to mid-February. Summer sales run during the period from mid-July up to the end of August at the latest. 

What to buy? Food specialties of Greece include olive oil of course and olives of various kinds, but also honey and marmelades, spices in the central market, pistachios from Aigina, Ouzo. You can find Greek Kosher products in the Kosher grocery store. You can find nice souvenirs in the museum shops, and more tacky ones in Plaka. Cloths items such as leather sandals abound around Monastiraki. A typical greek object to bring back is a Komboloi, colorful beads. Find below detailed information on where and what to buy according to your tastes and interest.

About Tax Free shopping:  This applies only to non-EU travelers, and on single purchases of more than 120 euros (in other words, 120 euros minimum on one receipt). You need to shop in stores participating, they usually have a sign "Tax free shopping". When making your purchase, ask for the refund check or VAT refund form that will be filled up by the store. (You will need to  show your passport). Then while exiting the country, you will need to go to the "Global funding" booth with the item purchased, the receipt and the refund check, that they will stamp. You can them get the refund from the exchange booth at the aiport.