NATIONAL%20GARDEN%20TOUR.jpgAthens with a Segway or a Trikke electric bike.

These tours are a unique and fun way to visit Athens. seeing more and sweating less. A Segway is a self-balancing two- wheeled electric vehicle powered by batteries, that can ride up to 20 km/hour. The Tikke electric is a three-wheel scooter. There are many pedestrians roads and parks where you can enjoy this fun way of circulation. The Segway is available only from age 12 and up but a child can ride on the Tikke bike together with an adult (call to double check). Reservations necessary.


scooterise_experience_photoshoot_plaka__athens_trikke_tour_01-copy1.jpgPractical info:

Phone: (+30) 210 32 22 500 - (+30) 6983 245 246
Duration and price: Starting from 2 hours and 

SCOOTERIZE: Address: Chatzichristou 18 .
Phone: (+30) 216 7003277
Duration and price: Starting from 1 hour and 44 euros/person.

How to get there?

Segway is located in Plaka, very near the New Acropolis Museum and off the pedestrian street Dionysos Aeropagitou (below the Acropolis).

Scooterize is also very near to the Acropolis Museum.

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