6f4f9f319bd5721794834d21752d5415.jpgWatch an old time movie in an open air cinema:

Something fun to do in Greece during the warm summer nights: watch a movie in an old air cinema, under the stars, a drink in hand. The movies are usually old popular movies, in their original language, so you will have no trouble understanding.

Thission: this one was voted best cinema in the world, and it deserves it, with its view on the acropolis.  Apostolou Pavlou St. 7, Thisseio (it’s the pedestrian street that goes from Thissio Metro Station to the Acropolis)  2103420864, 2103470980 http://cine-thisio.gr/

Cine-Paris: in the heart of Plaka, off the Filomouson Square: Address: 22 Str. Kidathinaion Plaka Athens - Tel. 210 3222071 http://www.cineparis.gr/cine_uk.php

Aigli: in the park of the Zappeion, close to Synatgma Square. (entrance from Vas. Olgas Avenue) Tel.:, http://www.aeglizappiou.gr/cine_uk.html