cycladic-art.gifBesides for the more known National Archeological Museum, Acropolis Museum, Benaki Museum, Museums of the archeological sites of the Agora and Keramikos, you have plenty of very nice museums in Athens: Here is a non-exhaustive list:

Museum of Cycladic Art: Important collection of cycladic art from pre-historic times, but not only.

Byzantine Museum: Nice collection of religious artifacts as well as objects from daily life from the byzantine period.  

Museum of War: Weapons and war equipment from Antiquity to modern times. Suprisingly interesting.

Numismatic Museum: In a beautiful building, fascinating collection of coins from Antiquity to our days.

Museum of Folk Art: There are a few locations: The main building is in the heart of Plaka, with folk costumes, tools and daily life objects etc. Another building in the old mosque of Monastiraki square hosts a superb collection of ceramics. In the old Turkish bath, you have a collection of hygiene artifacts and related modern art.

Museum of folk instruments of music: Beautiful collection of old instruments, with audio to hear their sound.

Museum of Islamic Art: Located near the synagogue, superb collection of jewelry, wooden carved furniture and panels, textiles and bronze utensils. It's an annex of the Benacki Museum:

Frissiras Museum: Huge collections of paintings from contemporary Greek and foreign artists. Located in Plaka.  

National Gallery of Art: Large collection of paintings from Greek artists through the times. A reference in Greek art. Temporary quality exhibits.

Don't forget the Children's museum, the Jewish Museum, the House of Angeliki Hatzimihali and the Jewelry Museum

For a complete list of museums divided by interest, click here.

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