Aegina is a town on an island of the same name, 25 Km southwest of Athens/Pireus.

There is no current Jewish population but one can visit the remains of a synagogue.


Historical background and description of the Synagogue


During excavations carried out in 1829, the remains of an ancient synagogue were found not far from the modern harbor. Unlike the synagogues of Delos and the Athenian Agora, the Aegina synagogue was not converted from an earlier building. It conformed to a basilical type common to the 4th century C.E, which was used both by Christians and Jews.

During the rebuilding of the town after Second World War, the sole important remnant of this synagogue its mosaic floor- was moved to the entrance of the archeological site. It has recently been carefully restored and is on view.

Nothing else is known of the Jews of Aegina and their synagogue




In the archeological site. The floor of the ancient Aegina synagogue is immediately to your right as you enter the archeological grounds.



Based on Jewish Sites and Synagogues of Greece -

Nicholas P. Stavroulakis and Timothy J. DeVinney - Talos press