Corfu is a modern city on an island of the same name, and its Jewish community today counts approximately 65 people. There is a beautiful (functioning) synagogue, the remains of a second one, and the Jewish Ghetto.

The Greca Synagogue

The synagogue, (the only one who survived the Allied bombing during the second world war), is one of the finest in Greece. It is called the Scuola Greca (or Tempio Greco) and can be dated to the 17th century. It is built in the Venetian manner with the main (ground) floor reserved for community offices, common rooms, and, behind them facilities for a communal Sukkah , as well as a room for preparing bodies for burial. The synagogue proper is on the first floor.

Location: 4, Velissarianou St., in the old quarter of Corfu
Tel: (in the community offices): (30) 26610 47777

Other sites

The columns of the Heichal of the Apoulia synagogue (burned during WWII) were found recently (1991) at 74, Palaiologou St.
The Jewish Ghetto, in the center of town, shows the effects of the heavy bombing of the WWII, but some sense of the narrow streets and tall residences can still be gained in walking through it.
There is also a Jewish villa on lak.Polyla and Rizospaton Voulefton St.

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Based on Jewish Sites and Synagogues of Greece -

Nicholas P. Stavroulakis and Timothy J. DeVinney - Talos press